Your Ears are Essential!
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Thank you so much for being on the front line taking care of our communities! Glowforge is turning our factory over to produce Ear Savers, and organizing tens of thousands of customers to help. Together, we’ll do our best to get you free Ear Savers to do your job more comfortably and safely.

To learn more about Ear Savers and the Two Million Essential Ears Initiative, start here.
Here’s how it works:
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We’ll match you as quickly as possible, and then email you when your Ear Savers are ready to be produced.

While you’re waiting, spread the word to friends and family. They can get their own free Ear Savers at

If you’re outside the US, visit the International Ear Savers Matching Forum to find a maker who can help in your country.
What kind of help do you need?
We started with a commitment to give away 1 million Ear Savers. It turns out, that was just the beginning. There are so many more people who need our help that we’re going to give away millions more. There are three options for Ear Saver delivery:

  • Free Ear Savers donated by Glowforge, shipped with a FedEx label that you provide. We are continuing to manufacture Ear Savers in even larger quantities. We’ll donate them for free, then ship them to you. When they’re ready, we’ll reach out to request a prepaid FedEx shipping label for the exact amount.

  • Free Ear Savers donated by Glowforge, with shipping securely charged to a credit card. We’ll reach out to you when your Ear Savers are ready to provide payment. We'll ship them via US Postal Service and only charge what it costs us. Typical cost to ship an envelope full of Ear Savers is less than $5.

  • Free Ear Savers that are donated, made, and delivered by someone in your local community. We will try to match you with a donor in your community who will print Ear Savers and ship or drop them off at their own expense. Both the Ear Savers and the delivery are free. However, demand is high in many areas, so it may take a while. We may not be able to match you with anyone. We’ll email you when and if a match is made. This is best for smaller requests.
  • Let us know what kind of help you need:

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    The donors who print your Ear Savers are inspired by the work you do. Tell us more about why you need the Ear Savers and we’ll share your story with the person or team donating them to you.
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